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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  August 27, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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>>shepard: hurricane irene at half past 2:00, as it moves under the eastern seaboard, pounding north carolina with hurricane force winds and headed to new york, and new england, and even in canada, they have issued a tropical storm warning for our neighbors to the north. and now, to rick and the weather
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center. i watched and the last little jog of the lop appears to make it shift to the right. is it an illusion? rick: i checked the radar, a couple of things about this. generally you hesitate to see that on a satellite if you do not see the eye of it but regard day gives a better shot. i see the exact same thing, kind of going north and northeast of point lookout the last couple of images it is to the east. let me tell you that i have never heard of studies done on this but often with hurricanes i have seen in my experience over and over again you have a hurricane headed to jamaica or another island in the caribbean and it will jog and stay over water instead of going over land. it is like it feeds off of the water and wants to remain over water. i get this kind of sense right now, you have this moving over the sound where there is water
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and it hit this land and it moves toward water, it moves toward the energy source, and i have not read any study on this or studied any of this in my studies but i have experienced this and i get a sense that is what is happening. i want to see a few more loops and images, to see if that is a significant trend or if it will continue to the northeast path. my guess is we have a little bit of a jog and it will reject and head up, again, to the northeast, i don't think we will see that kind, i am sure well not see that kind of effect where it continues off to the northeast and skipped land. it will stay on the path it is on. >>shepard: so a quick wobble would not be unusual? rick: not at all. that looks significant, but, i have to tell you the gsf model that i like a lot was doing that yesterday, showing the when bell and you can see and you think it is reacting to an atmospheric condition that allows that to
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happen and i looked at the model to see and i saw that, it was there, so i have more confidence in the model if it can pick up that kind of subtlety. >>shepard: that is a model that puts the storm directly overmanhattan? >>guest: that pushes it to the west of manhattan which i have to say--. >>shepard: that worse. risk wreck it is -- rick: it is worse, i'm sorry. and now, this map shows it right here, pulling toward the delmarva and the latest run on this, tracks it to the west than it had been, so, over jersey, so more time over land, significant weakening, in the immediate and strongest wind first, but it would not change the storm subject, we would still be looking at the 4' to 10' storm surge with new york city on the back side of that and more water toward the hudson river and that is very, very bad.
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>>shepard: that is something this far out you, it is not possible to predict, is it? rick: not like that. this storm has been good, the models have been so good getting us within 20 or 30 miles but if we are talking 20 miles in one direction or 20 miles in another direction you cannot say especially with little rob bells. >>shepard: and by way of example, we remember katrina, ready to hit new orleans and at the last couple of hours went over and killed south mississippi instead. this could do it as well. you never know. back to you as events warrant, rick, and now, from north carolina, we have a caller riding out the storm a few blocks from the ocean front? >>guest: i am usually 300 giant steps to the ocean but it
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is hard to see the ocean because of the downpour we are getting and the very strong winds. >>shepard: those would lived on the beach for many years, sometimes it is hard to get us out of our house if it is not a big storm. is that the case? >>guest: i am not a hero and with all the science and everyone who makes the predictions would think they are so accurate, the predictions ... there is a fair a uncertainty here and maybe we are just braver or more stupid, i don't know, but we're here, enjoying a little of time we have to do nothing. >>shepard: that is one good thing about a rainy day you it is around and do nothing and not feel guilty. how do you describe conditions outside? you cannot see the beep the 300 big steps away? >>guest: yes, well, right now, i am arguing with my wife about the speed of the wind because we don't measure the wind i don't have the instruments it do that
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but i would thing we are getting 100 mile gusts and she says no, and i predict it is, 100. the wind speed has picked up, and it seems to be that the rain is quieting down but the wind picked up. of course the wind has changed direction and coming. it is coming now from the south so we have a different push on our dwelling than we were earlier. >>shepard: so that is from north carolina, at nagshead. think you to you and your wife, buckie. we have information from virginia, the hurricanes spinoff tornadoes and anyone on the jersey shore and delmarva and beyond, and we have a tornado from the reporting in virginia beach this tornado has damaged
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five homes in the sandbridge area of virginia beach. the chief is telling the associated press the fire department says that the roofs were blown off, walls collapsed and other homes with less severe damage and the tornado not confirmed, you have to wait for confirmation from the national weather center, but it looks to the locals it was a tornado. virginia, hundreds, more than 500 on virginia beach have sought shelter as the storm continues north and a few things of interesting around the big cities. new york they have had subways closed and the buses every kind of public transportation shut down for 2 1/2 hours. and that is times square right not heart of it all and some people wanted to get out of the town so they have flooded the midtown car rental agencies and it sounds as if car rental ages all over the new york city area
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are running out of cars because new yorkers can not it is still for more than 15 or 20 20 seconds so european tourist whose have no idea what is happening they think they are in london. it is new york. there is a lurk coming. the funny shoes ... noise to have you with us. the storm is headed to new york city tomorrow. but jersey shore you are first! ♪
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affiliate, wavy for that area is reporting that. so a child is dead. we have reported of three dead in north carolina. but, frankly, one of the three could be a drunk driving sort of deal. so they are not going to call the third one storm-related and news from new bern, north carolina, they have serious flooding in new bern, we have reported that indicate 60 percent of the city is without power and 30,000 people live there. the storm has pushed water to the sound up the river, there, and right into this city, so, several feet of water surged in there as the eye of irene passed 40 miles to the east of it. to the east. and it is my understanding they have 17" of rain. is that right?
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17" of rain? 17" of rain according to rick and the fox extreme weather center, 17" of rain has fallen in new bern, north carolina. on top of the rain from last week. my goodness, get a canoe on park avenue in new york if that happens. they were losing a pier, how is that going, jonathan, with the pier? >>reporter: we will zoom in and show you what is going on with the pier. a third of it is missing. it is being eaten by the ocean. the part that remains, when you go 50' out, it is buckling and we will lose more of it before the storm system is completely
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over. we have been remarking how amazing and unusual it is, just how powerful the back half of the storm is. you have covered many of the hurricanes and when the eye passes by you and goes over land, the back half starts to fizzle out. but not with this storm. there will be occasional periods of calm and interrupted with the heavy gusts that come through ripping building materials off of near by structures. i should point out it is all relatively minor damage, most of the structures in the island community appear to be sound, particularly those built to recent building codes built for this time of hurricane, and even stronger but it is small things like siding or rubber membrane on roofs getted ripped off and occasionally we will see metal debris flying by underscoring
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taking objects inside before a hurricane so they are not a projectile. as for the roads we have had our crews driving around the major roads which are passable, and some of the side streets have localized flooding, particularly on the sound side. we did not experience the storm surge from the atlantic that many feared but on the sound side, some minor flooding and low-lying areas, a few side streets with tree branches down. but by and large the roads here are passable so it could have been much worse than it was. at the same time, local officials are urging people not to go out on the roads just yet because this is always the chance of the sudden unexpected gusts, debris, and it is evidenced by the pie behind me. anything can happen until the storm passes through. >>shepard: thank you from atlantic beep in north carolina, jonathan, good to see you. and now reports from our
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correspondent all up and down the seaboard. to give you a lock ahead to what it is like in the hamptons on long island and we will be in delmarva and atlantic city, new jersey, across the big city of new york and down at battery park where lady liberty will welcome a hurricane to the welcome a hurricane to the biggest city in the nation! [ ben harper's "amen omen" playing ] we believe doing the right thing never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? he needs some gellin'. yeahhhhhhh. gellin' is like having a teeny tiny foot masseuse in your shoe. you like ? nice ! dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. outrageous comfort, all-day long. check this out... boo-yah! shazam! h2...o!
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>>shepard: continuing coverage, eight minutes before the hour, and the storm trackers from noaa have been running flights to monitor this storm. the agency has been using a special float of planes equipped with sensors to track the movement. and fox news went along for a flight. and phil keating is live in the center in south florida. phil? hello. >> there is a lot of thrill seeking with the hurricane hunters. we covered irene wednesday and thursday from the bahamas. when we left our beloved hollywood photographer had to fly to newark. his plane flew all the way around hurricane irene because no commercial aircraft is going to flies into a storm like this but at the air force base outside of tampa that is what the hurricane hunters do, fly a butterfly pattern, crisscrossing flying in and out through the eye at least throw times,
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recording everything you can possibly record out there. and the aircraft, these are built to shake and rattle and roll and you are on board the planes you don't even fell it, it is bumpy, for sure, but unbelievable views out the window, a perspective like no other of a massive category two or three hurricane. they have taken physics, and science reading, and meet logical meetings and they have a data receptor filled with all kind of readings, and they drop it into a tube and it goes to the wing and drops into the cyclone itself and by parachutes it swirls around and provides critical information below and the dozen or so scientifically minded thrill seekers on board the hurricane hunter planes, they say, well, it is always a wise move to buckle your seatbelts. >> this is pressure under the plane, and these are the winds,
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and you can see how they are dropping off and we are going through the eyewall and dropping off quickly. that is normal in a hurricane in that situation. you can see the wind going up and up and they drop off. it moves through the eyewall. >> the hurricane hunters have been flying in every tropical cyclone since the 1940's for the united states. however, a perfect storm, so to speak, in washington, dc right now, with congress looking everywhere to slash budgets and noaa is faced with possibility of $1 billion funding reduction, the house preparations subcommittee calling for that, part of that cut back, would be the hurricane hunter program reducing it by 40 percent, so add another thing, another program that the democrats and republicans inside the beltway which is pounded by this hurricane, they can fight over that in the future because flights of the hurricane hunters
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would be lessened next year if it stays as is in this bill this is proposed. >>shepard: thank you, phil, from the tropical cyclones down in miami. nice to hear from you. we are getting pictures from the storms thank you for sending them. you report, and here is one. this is clinton, new jersey. and another one in baltimore, maryland, look at this cloud bank coming in. it will be like that for the day. the we haves come by with flooding in homes and deep creek, virginia, and flash flooding all over the place. and, a tree branch on a house in newport news, virginia i reported on the death of a child inside a virginia apartment building, and, then, something blown out, look at this. the car window blew out and that happens as the pressure changes but not normally with this amount of pressure. and skies from the bridge headed
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